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Surgical Instrument Tracking System

The most important operations of hospitals are preoperative and postoperative processes. Although the role of operating theatre staff, doctors and hospital managers in these processes is very important, they are complex and time-consuming situations.

It is a module that follows the use of surgical instruments used in surgeries – sterilisation cycle and eliminates the margin of error. Surgical instruments are barcoded and each instrument is given an identity and you can follow the sterilisation-physician-lost-ex-use status.

Surgical Instrument Tracking System;

It adds prestige, innovation, vision and a new perspective to the hospital, provides strength and determination to the management. It accelerates processes and increases efficiency.

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What are the Advantages

Reduced Risk of Error

We ensure that the system eliminates the user's margin of error with voice command operations without the need for parts such as keyboard and mouse, and that the cycle progresses by connecting with interconnected internal controls.

Reporting Screen

Thanks to the flexible report structure, you can create all the reports and statistics you want to see

Stock Tracking

You can see and list the stock tracking, ex status, and usage dates of all surgical instruments introduced to the system and update their stock status

Easy to Use

CATS amortises your investment with its performance, management success and efficiency and provides you with an advantage in your future planning

Data Retention & Display

CATS, which provides the opportunity to view all necessary data retrospectively, provides the opportunity to look at which material is used by whom, for what and when it is used at any time

Investment Friendly

CATS amortises your investment with its performance, management success and efficiency and provides you with an advantage in your future planning

// Surgical Inventory Management Reinvented

System Specifications

Helps you detect infections caused by surgical instruments

Creating critical control points by recording which instruments are used by which physician in which operations

Automatic warning when surgical instruments are nearing the end of their sterile storage period

View the history of the surgical instrument, the relevant company and the previous procedures of the instrument

Control surgery costs and make retrospective comparisons.

Can compare surgeons and report the situation

Reducing the risk of tool loss in the field of operation

Recording the devices in which surgical instruments are sterilized and sterilization conditions with device connections

Ability to view the warranty period and maintenance times of surgical instruments

To be able to identify products that are defective and require maintenance and repair and to ensure their follow-up through the system.

Recording the devices in which surgical instruments are sterilized and sterilization conditions with device connections

Accelerates all processes and increases the performance of the organization

Sterilisation Process Cycle

All processes are continuous in an autonomous control loop. The system controls the loop at the beginning and end of each process. If there is an unfinished process in the loop process, the system does not allow that process to proceed to the next stage. It reduces the risk of error and does not allow unwanted consequences.

You can request the software as a package or you can request a revision in accordance with the functioning of your organisation. We can reorganise it specifically for you or adapt your extra module requests to the system.

According to the areas of use; sterilisation tracking, set tracking or bundle tracking  system usage areas such as can be created.

// C.A.T.S.

System Modules

After the login screen, the main screen of the automation program appears. In this menu there is a button for the sterilization cycle stages and a menu button at the top

The Sterilization cycle starts with the delivery of the dirty instrument or set from the operating room to the sterilization unit. Therefore, automation also starts this cycle with Dirty Receiving. In this panel, the operating room staff delivering the instrument or set, the sterilization staff receiving the dirty instrument and the barcode of the instrument or package are scanned by the laser reading device and processed into the system respectively. Thus, the instrument or set is transferred to the sterilization unit as dirty.

The instrument or set received as dirty passes to the packaging stage in the sterilization unit. Here, the sets and instruments are checked and packaged again and made ready to be given to the autoclave device. This panel of the automation also records this stage, and if there is a defective or missing instrument/set, it is entered into the system and separated for necessary actions to be taken.

Immediately after the packaging stage, the sets and instruments are given to the autoclave device by scanning the personnel barcode, autoclave barcode and set barcode respectively. The system can also record which type of washing will be done. The sets taken from the autoclave device are scanned into the system for rechecking. In this way, errors such as deterioration, loss or forgetting in the autoclave are prevented.

After the autoclave stage, the sets and instruments are now ready to be delivered. At this stage, the sets and instruments requested in line with the request of the operating room staff are recorded at every stage and delivered sterile by scanning the delivery personnel, receiving personnel and package barcodes, respectively. The cycle of the sterilization tracking system continues.

Before the instruments and sets received in sterile form are opened for surgery, the operating room personnel opening the package, the operating room to be used, the operating room to be used, the patient to be used and the package barcodes to be opened are scanned into the system, all details are entered into the system and ready for use.

You can access the entire panel where all definitions and settings of the automation software will be made with Menu. As you can see in the picture in the menu panel, there are buttons such as settings, definition and update.

Thanks to the malfunction/maintenance tracking module of the tools and sets, information such as the set, brand/model, barcode numbers and the personnel allocating the tools can be tracked. In addition, the removal process can also be done from this panel.

The general reporting module opens to a panel that can provide all kinds of reporting breakdowns for the selected date range on the desired tool or set according to the selected set name, model or QR code number. This panel and various reports are described below.

Sterilization Set Receiving

From the sterilization set receiving tab, select the date range from the top and click on the ‘Query’ button. Set name, personnel receiving dirty, personnel delivering dirty and delivery date/time information can be accessed as a list.

Sterile Residence Time

Select the date range at the top of the sterilization tab and click on the ‘Query’ button. Set name, packaging personnel, sterile date, opening date, the hall where the package was opened, the personnel who opened the package and the patient name where the package was used can be accessed as a list.

Where is the set now

From the Where is the set tab, select the date range from the top and press the ‘Query’ button. Where is the set and the name of the set can be accessed as a list.

Receiving Tool Reporting

From the Receiving tool reporting tab, select the date range from the top and click on the ‘Query’ button. Set name, barcode number, tool name, model, receiving personnel, delivering personnel, delivering personnel, company and delivery date/time information can be accessed as a list.

Thanks to the set editing module, all kinds of control/tracking and editing can be done on the sets, and it is also possible to track single instruments in the same way.

Set Identification

All surgical instruments in the inventory were individually QR coded with a laser device during the establishment phase of the system. The instruments, each of which is given an identity with a QR code, are individually identified to the system. In this way, it is possible to control mechanisms such as the company of each instrument, its working status, and the stage at which it is at.

Personnel Identification

With this panel, the relevant operating room and sterilization personnel are identified, logged into the system, a QR code is defined for each personnel and a QR code label is given to them.

Hall Identification

The existing operating rooms in your hospital, which were defined during the system installation, can be viewed with the help of this panel. Hall names and the barcode number given for hall definitions can be seen on the screen.

Autoclave Identification  

Defined autoclave devices available in the sterilization unit can be listed with the help of this panel. The screen shows the name of the device and the barcode number given.

Company Identification

Companies from which tools and sets are purchased or maintenance agreements are made can be listed in this panel. Contact information of the companies and information such as the relevant person from the company can be accessed from this screen.

Surgical Instrument Tracking System CATS automation has the ability to authorize previously defined users. Responsible Sterilization or Responsible Operating Room personnel have all authorizations in the first place, while other users can have various authorization areas according to their duties and needs. In the panel above, the desired module authorizations can be easily given or taken to the desired personnel.

CATS UPGRADE button; the system can be easily updated by pressing a single button in certain periods in order to respond to contemporary needs, adapt to changing environmental conditions and get rid of errors.





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