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All we do, all we believe in, is to challenge the established facts. We believe in thinking differently. Our challenge to conventional wisdom is that we design the software we develop to be customised, user-friendly and innovative. We only produce excellent software, and we are more than worth your time and investment.

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Our Business Software Development

They are software that shorten business processes and increase company efficiency and have various tasks such as smart cities, project management systems, process tracking systems, content management system, digital publishing systems, HR systems, etc. Such software can be developed as web software or mobile application according to company needs. If we itemise

  • Flexible and suitable solutions for municipal and company needs
  • Fast ease of use without changing your business processes
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Integration with other required systems
  • Ability to work on different platforms such as PC, Mac, Tablet and mobile
  • To be able to respond to the needs that may arise later
  • Ability to develop customised reports
  • Uninterrupted after-sales support
// Software Development Processes

Cats Software uses software development methods and techniques that will make you special.

When you first contact Cats Software, we request an appointment to meet with you face to face and visit you at your place. When you tell us about your institution's needs, deficiencies, your demands for your operation, we listen to you thoroughly, analyse the problem in the first stage by exchanging ideas and make a second meeting appointment for the next meeting.

You can contact us here to discuss information and project details.

In our first meeting, we listen to you thoroughly and carry out a research and feasibility study for your request. We share with you the ideas that we think will improve your business and will be suitable for you and get your approval. We make a business plan together, analyse the processes and determine our strategy. So we involve you in all processes. After all, the business is yours and it should be as you want.

In line with the business plan we have made, the design part of the work begins and Cats Software Team completes it as soon as possible. When we move to the software development phase, we ask for a desk for us in our institution and we sit and develop your software in your institution. We complete your work in the order that your institution is used to, depending on the data we receive from you about the stages of your institution, business processes, hierarchy, and deliver it to you as simple ease of use and user-friendly. This is what we were talking about when we said that we are the only company specialised for you, developing your software with you...

We provide training and inform you about the use of the software we have developed together. After your organisation starts to use the software, we do not leave it immediately and we continue to stay to help you and the operation. As the software is used in the institution, the deficiencies and the sections that need to be changed are noticed and they are immediately updated and offered to your service. In this way, we develop a software suitable for the functioning of your organisation.

We know that support is a very important issue for customer satisfaction and we try to provide the best service we can in order to never make you a victim by doing this in the best way.



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