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Cats Software Development Technologies

Cats Software is a software company established with its young and dynamic staff. Dedicated to serving public and private organisations with solution partnership, it develops and offers corporate computer software, which is vital in producing business and services by following modern technologies, by integrating modern hardware and communication technologies. It is a software company that is always open to development for a more contemporary future.

Cats Software has given importance to use the dynamism and energy given by the young staff in this direction to serve in the interests of the country with its principles and values it believes in.

Cats Software sees its customers not as places where it makes profit, but as business partners with whom it develops its products together and solves problems together with joint work and solidarity. Being aware of this responsibility, it is a technology company that works harder and strives to increase satisfaction by doing its job correctly.

Our Vision

To be a software company that can meet all kinds of needs of public and private organisations in our projects and at the same time to ensure that they can easily use our software, to be a software company that is in the best position in National / International competition by reflecting our difference from many competitors by giving priority to support and assistance services.

Our Mission

In every work we do, it is to provide satisfaction in our projects by reflecting the spirit of sharing and working partnership, far from the concept of customer, and to provide a service understanding rather than a commercial understanding.

Our Values

Our values are focused on honesty, innovation, entrepreneurship, human relations and tries to reflect its difference by making extra efforts to make our software programmes more comfortable and easy for users to use.

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